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Feel Like You Need Rehab?


Have you been told that you need to go to rehab? Are you wondering whether you need assistance to break an addiction? Below are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you should contact us for an assessment.

How We Help You

Leading the Way in Personalized Addiction Treatment. At Jullo Centre for Advanced Addiction Recovery, we understand the profound impact of substance use disorders on individuals and families. One person's struggle with substance use affects 17 or more people around them. Making an informed decision when choosing treatment is crucial. Avoid quick fixes and choose a centre that offers hope, direction, and comprehensive support. With over 30 years of experience and more than 10,000 patients helped, we are dedicated to creating a thriving, healthy society.

Why Choose Jullo?

Correct Diagnosis and Tailored Treatment:

At Jullo, we ensure accurate diagnosis and tailor our treatments to each patient, avoiding common pitfalls that lead to poor outcomes.

National and International Acclaim:

Recognized globally, Jullo is dedicated to protecting families and supporting multi-generational growth. Our program is backed by extensive experience and a proven track record.

Comprehensive Support for Every Stage:

We offer specialized services for every stage of recovery, from Precontemplation to Maintenance, aligning with DiClemente and Prochaska's Stages of Change model.

Partnership with Employee Assistance Programs:

Jullo provides effective partnerships for organizations, enhancing employee insight, performance, and productivity. Our comprehensive treatments include medication-assisted detoxification, holistic therapies, and ongoing support.

Jullo Centre


Jullo-The Centre for Advanced Addiction Recovery, is a Specialist Substance Abuse Clinic in Merebank, Durban

In post-apartheid Merebank, Durban, Dr. Lochan Logan Naidoo and Matron Julie Naidoo embarked on a mission to redefine addiction treatment. In 1995, recognizing the need for specialized care, Dr. Naidoo trained at Hazelden in the United States. Returning home, he and Matron Julie, a dedicated nurse, established the Jullo Specialist Addiction Treatment Facility.

Jullo Centre became a sanctuary where stigma was banished, and recovery was nurtured with compassionate care. Dr. Naidoo's expertise in addiction medicine and Matron Julie's nursing excellence created a holistic healing approach. Their work was rooted in family values and community transformation.

The Naidoos pioneered addiction medicine, advocating for destigmatization and evidence-based treatment. Dr. Naidoo's career included drafting national detox policies and leading the International Narcotics Control Board. Matron Julie’s pursuit of nursing excellence expanded Jullo’s impact.

Their legacy of resilience and compassion continues, guiding countless individuals towards healing and inspiring a humane, research-driven approach to addiction recovery...read our full story

Who We Care For?

    Tailored Treatment

    At Jullo Centre for Advanced Addiction Recovery, our addiction medicine practice takes a novel and unique approach to personalized care. We utilize Patient Placement Criteria and the Addiction Severity Index (ASI) to craft treatment plans tailored to each client's specific needs. Our experienced clinicians conduct thorough assessments using evidence-based practices, evaluating medical, psychological, and social factors to ensure a comprehensive understanding of each patient.

    This innovative approach optimizes recovery success and fosters a supportive environment for healing and wellness. By offering a diverse menu of interventions and products, we ensure that the right tools and strategies are available for every unique situation. Our commitment to individualized care sets us apart, making Jullo a leader in advanced addiction recovery.


Are you or a loved one seeking a path to freedom from addiction?

At Jullo Centre for Advanced Addiction Recovery, we provide more than just treatment; we offer hope and support on your journey to healing. Here are some frequently asked questions to help you understand our approach and services.

What makes Jullo’s treatment plans unique?

Our tailored treatment plans cater to the unique needs of both men and women, ensuring personalized care for every individual.

How does Jullo support the detoxification process?

We offer medication-assisted detoxification, providing a gentle and supportive start to your recovery journey.

Is confidentiality maintained at Jullo?

Absolutely. We ensure a center that is employment and legal-friendly, maintaining strict confidentiality.

What type of counseling does Jullo provide?

We offer ongoing medical and psychosocial counseling, providing comprehensive support throughout your recovery.

What therapy sessions are available?

We provide both group and individual therapy sessions, fostering a nurturing environment for growth.

Does Jullo offer nutritional support?

Yes, we provide wholesome meals and have a tuck-shop filled with treats for holistic nourishment.

What recreational activities are available at Jullo?

We offer games, gym sessions, yoga, Zumba, and drumming to promote joy and upliftment.

What is the Origins to Infinity Support Program?

This program offers a continuum of care, supporting you beyond the initial treatment phase.

How does Jullo ensure patient advocacy?

We prioritize individual needs, ensuring they are met and supported through dedicated advocacy.

What medical care does Jullo provide?

We focus on healing the brain and addressing any medical conditions associated with addiction.

How does Jullo address relapse prevention?

Relapse prevention strategies are integrated into all our treatment plans.

Is spiritual guidance available?

Yes, we offer spiritual guidance for those seeking purpose and fulfilment during their recovery. Patients may also engage in reading their respective religious text and have access to bona fide religious guidance.

What does relationship mastery involve?

We focus on consciousness, emotional regulation and intimacy skills to help you build meaningful connections.

Who provides care at Jullo?

Our integrated multi-disciplinary team ensures comprehensive care for all our patients.

What kind of environment does Jullo offer?

We provide a curated, caring treatment environment that fosters a sense of belonging and practice of awareness of conscious decision making.

Does Jullo offer education on financial skills?

Yes, alongside emotional healing, we offer financial skills education as part of your holistic recovery journey.

How can I learn more or schedule a consultation?

We encourage you to book a visit at our office or schedule a virtual consultation to discuss how we can support you or your loved one on the path to recovery. Contact us today to take the first step towards a healthier, happier you.

What Our Patients Say About Jullo

“I thought rehab was going to be harsh. But the staff have really empowered us and this is a close family environment. It really is home away from home.” Zain, 26, Bonela :
“The first week is quite hard because I thought I would just be relaxing in my room and talking to my friends on social media. But the therapy is quite intense from the start and I saw changes in myself from the second day already. Even my body started feeling better.” Hazel, 40, Durban
“Dr Naidoo has taught us how to channel the negative energy and turn it into positive energy. My life is going to be great when I leave here.”Anonymous
“I’ve learnt to love myself first. I lost my self-esteem because many things happened in my life, but after Jullo I’m never going to use drugs and alcohol again.” Jabu, 39, Ntuzuma
"Jullo provided a supportive environment where I found solace and strength to overcome my addiction. Today, I'm sober, grateful, and rebuilding my life."-Zandile
"Hope seemed distant until Jullo Centre equipped me with tools to manage my addiction. Now, I embrace a fulfilling, sober life."-Grant
"Jullo compassionate care restored my relationships and career. They truly saved my life."-Thandi
"As an LGBTQ+ individual, Jullo’s inclusive approach empowered my recovery journey without judgment."-Lerato
"Jullo Centre taught me to navigate life's challenges without substances, empowering me to live authentically."-Asanda
"Jullo-Centre holistic treatment transformed me, giving me the tools to manage my addiction long-term."-Blessing
"Jullo-Centre for Advanced Recovery's family engagement sessions helped us heal as a family. Today, we communicate better and support each other's journey."-Rajen
"After completing treatment, the Origins to Infinity at Jullo kept me focused on recovery milestones, and my family's involvement made all the difference."-Stephanie
"Origins to Infinity's continuum program gave me the tools to navigate life post-recovery. My family and I are thriving, thanks to ongoing support and resources."-Mohammed
"Seeking help for addiction isn't a sign of weakness but a courageous step towards a brighter, healthier future. Through comprehensive treatment and support, individuals can break free from addiction's grip and rediscover life's joys and possibilities." – Dr Lochan Naidoo

Our facility

What safety measures are in place at Jullo Centre?

Our facility prioritizes safety with round-the-clock nursing care, disabled-friendly accommodations, and a designated smoking area that respects individual choices.

What amenities does Jullo offer for productivity and relaxation?

We make provision for business or study needs, a state-of-the-art computer lab for our rehab software, access to a well-stocked library, and a fully equipped gym for physical well-being.

How can I access refreshments and leisure activities during my stay?

You can enjoy convenient access to an outsourced tuck shop or online deliveries for refreshments. Additionally, our recreational room features a pool table and table tennis for leisure and relaxation.

Is Jullo Centre accessible for individuals with disabilities?

Yes, our facility is disabled-friendly, ensuring comfortable and accessible accommodations for all individuals.

What can I expect from the cleanliness and modernity of Jullo's facilities?

You can expect modern and immaculate facilities that prioritize cleanliness, creating a welcoming environment for healing and wellness.

How does Jullo ensure a nurturing environment for recovery?

We foster a supportive environment with amenities tailored to promote productivity, relaxation, and well-being, ensuring a safe and comforting space for your journey towards recovery.

Benefits of Referral

For Families:

Referring a family member to Jullo Centre ensures they receive specialized care focusing on detoxification, healing biomedical dysfunction, stress responses, neuroscience, and relapse prevention. Our intensive family intervention helps mend relationships and promotes successful recovery.

For Healthcare Professionals:

Referring patients to Jullo Centre provides comprehensive addiction care, including 24-hour clinical support and management of co-existing conditions. This contributes to patients' holistic well-being and successful recovery. Jullo also provides a discharge report, ongoing personal recovery plan, and shares long-term support and continuum of care with the patient's healthcare practitioners.

For Employee Assistance Professionals:

Referring patients to Jullo Centre offers access to specialized care focusing on emotional and biological regulation. Our global fee cost coverage and comprehensive programs ease financial concerns and promote holistic healing. Ongoing collaboration with EAP professionals enhances skills and provides preventative workshops for employees.

At Jullo Centre, we recognize labour law protection for patients with substance abuse issues and the special benefits provided by medical aids for substance abuse treatment, separate from psychiatric benefits. Psychiatrists and doctors are welcome to consult with their patients admitted to the treatment center to ensure comprehensive and coordinated care.

Contact us at +27861114870, email admin@jullo.co.za, or WhatsApp 0647867956 for more information on how we can support your referral and promote successful recovery.


Effortless Enquiry, Swift Admission: Compassion in Every Step

At Jullo Centre for Advanced Addiction Recovery , we accommodate both private-paying individuals and those covered by medical aid. Our rehabilitation services are included in your medical scheme's Prescribed Minimum Benefits, ensuring access even if your day to day and psychiatry benefits have been exhausted. Reach out to us to arrange pre-authorization, and don't hesitate to inquire about our day rate for private patients.

Jullo Meals

Welcome to Jullo Kitchen, where the essence of home is captured in every bite. Our menu boasts hearty, homecooked dishes crafted with care and perfected by our years of extensive experience . Each meal is a culinary delight, nourishing both body and soul with its nutritious ingredients and visually appealing presentation. Anticipation builds as mealtimes approach, offering generous portions that satisfy every craving.

We understand that dietary needs vary, which is why we proudly cater to special requirements such as vegetarian, halaal, vegan or food allergies. With three scrumptious meals served daily and a popular teatime tradition, every moment spent at Jullo mealtime feels like a cherished gathering around the family table.

For those seeking a little extra indulgence, our outsourced tuck shop and online delivery services offers a variety of snacks to tantalize your taste buds. Experience the warmth of home in every meal at Jullo Kitchen.

Preferred Employee Assistance Partner

Supporting Employers

From 1995, JULLO is the preferred partner for premier corporations, businesses, governmental bodies, and SOEs investing in employees grappling with addiction. We offer swift, discreet solutions, bypassing lengthy disciplinary procedures. Rest assured, we place your employees in tailored programs for recovery, enhancing their insight and performance. Our comprehensive treatment options promote skills retention, loyalty, and productivity. JULLO empowers employees with coping strategies for work-related challenges, fostering a healthy work environment. Graduates return with renewed health, supported by our sobriety-based lifestyle and Origins to Infinity continuum care.

Supporting Workers

JULLO prioritizes confidentiality and supports employees with employer-related concerns. We assist in managing job-related stress and motivating for leave for detoxification, withdrawal management and rehab attendance. Our approach aligns with labour laws recognizing substance misuse as a treatable condition. Don't let fear hinder your journey to a healthy, fulfilling life.

Breaking Stigma

Jullo Centre breaks down stigma surrounding substance misuse with on-site workshops and monthly support groups. We foster a deeper understanding that addiction is a health condition, not a moral weakness. Join us in enhancing relationships and contributing to a more supportive and inclusive society.

For long-term relationships and support with JULLO's EAP, contact us at +27861114870 or email admin@jullo.co.za. Together, let's foster a healthier, more productive workforce and society.

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COVID-19 Admission Information


Upon arrival, patients will undergo a routine health screening to ensure the safety and well-being of all individuals at our addiction treatment facility.

Our Medical Officer will evaluate any possible symptoms and determine if the patient should be admitted to the program with necessary precautions. No additional testing for infectious conditions is required.