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Kundalini yoga

At Jullo we do Kundalini yoga twice a week. Kundalini yoga is a technology which uses postures, breathing exercises, mantras and meditation to help you access your true self. This form of yoga strengthens your immune system, promotes circulation and stimulates your glandular system. In many places around the world there are special Kundalini yoga classes for rehabilitation. In short, “Kundalini yoga rapidly makes you what you already are.”

Tae bo

Tae bo is a complete body workout which uses martial arts moves and kicks to strengthen and tone the body. It is a good cardio workout. More importantly it releases natural endorphins, the feel good hormones.

Music and dance

Music and dance are the oldest forms of self-expression and healing. It is very popular amongst our patients.

Nutritious meals

Feeding the body is one of the most important ways in which healing is facilitated. At Jullo our meals are approved by a chef and also pleasing to the eye. We understand that for many of our patients eating has not always been a priority, and our balanced meals are a key part of the recovery process.