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COVID-19 Admission Information


In view of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the National guidelines for admission to treatment facilities have been changed.

At Jullo, we value your health and the health of our staff. Our facility has been reconfigured for compliance. Social Distancing and Hand Washing plus Masking is essential. Our facility is routinely fogged to enhance safety of patients & staff.

Our Covid-19 disclosure and Consent form is now required to be signed on admission. You can download these on the links below.

Jullo reserves the following rights.

A negative Covid-19 test for the 5 days prior to admission. Request forms can be made available by calling Jullo on 0861114870 for a telemedicine consultation or from your healthcare provider. See telemedicine guidelines.

To detoxify or admit to our Infection Control Ward before integration. Smoking prohibited during isolation period. Patient may bring in Nicorette or Champix or funds for these aids. Smoking in designated areas are allowed on reintegration. Patients and luggage decontamination and further screening and testing if clinically indicated. Daily clinical monitoring of all patients. No visitation allowed.

To prevent contamination, Laundry services will be available at additional cost.


click to download Covid-19 Disclosure & Consent Form


Feel Like You Need Rehab?


Have you been told that you need to go to rehab? Are you wondering whether you need assistance to break an addiction? Below are some of the questions you need to ask yourself:

If you have answered YES to one or more of these questions, then you should contact us for an assessment.


  • This unique intervention is suitable to develop an understanding, assessing severity and arriving at a comprehensive diagnosis diagnosis and treatment selection and setting for families and persons with any addiction with or without co existing disease.
  • Post treatment assessment and relapse prevention of persons who have completed treatment at any treatment centre prepares one to cope with possible health and relationship challenges.
  • All you need is to be honest, openminded and willing. It's simple, It's non confrontational, It answers the Why?, What? and How? of addiction.
  • We explore the problem and the solution giving you a birds eyeview of your life.
  • Book this affordable single consultation and begin the journey of change!



  • Detoxification

  • Biopsychosocial Rehabilitation

  • Medication-Assisted Therapy

  • Family Intervention

  • Breaking Denial

  • Prevention Strategies

  • Relapse Prevention

  • Sobriety Based Living Workshops

  • Individual Consultations

  •  Continuum of Care



  • Alcohol

  • Drugs

  • Prescription Medication



  • Compulsive Gambling

  • Technology Addiction

  • Addictive Relationships



What Our Patients Say About Jullo

“I thought rehab was going to be harsh. But the staff have really empowered us and this is a close family environment. It really is home away from home.” Zain, 26, Bonela :
“The first week is quite hard because I thought I would just be relaxing in my room and talking to my friends on social media. But the therapy is quite intense from the start and I saw changes in myself from the second day already. Even my body started feeling better.” Hazel, 40, Durban
“Dr Naidoo has taught us how to channel the negative energy and turn it into positive energy. My life is going to be great when I leave here.”Anonymous
“I’ve learnt to love myself first. I lost my self-esteem because many things happened in my life, but after Jullo I’m never going to use drugs and alcohol again.” Jabu, 39, Ntuzuma

OUR facilities

Jullo has various facilities to ensure that your stay with us is comfortable. Our patients have access to:

  • A business centre to facilitate your business or study needs
  • A computer lab where patients interact with our world class rehab software
  • A well-stocked library
  • A gym
  • A smoking area with comfortable seating and plants to help you relax
  • A games room which includes a pool table
  • A call box for those who don’t have cell phone access

JULLO meals

Nothing says home like a hearty meal. At Jullo each dish is lovingly prepared and approved by a chef with top hotel experience. Our food is nutritious and easy on the eye, while mealtimes are eagerly awaited and portions are generous. We also cater for those with special requirements whether it's vegetarian, halaal or food allergies. We offer three sumptuous meals and tea time is always popular. For those who are extra peckish, snacks are also available from our tuck shop.


 Jullo Employee Assistance Programme
how jullo helps employers

Jullo is the partner of choice for companies who want to invest in employees battling addiction. We know that lengthy disciplinary procedures can be costly and time consuming and we promise to place your employees in a programme guaranteed to aid their recovery and improve their performance. All this will be done with the utmost discretion. Providing workers with treatment options promotes skills retention, loyalty and productivity. Jullo will also empower them with coping strategies to help them deal with work-related issues like conflict, discrimination, employment equity, management issues as well as personal problems. Once they’ve completed the in-house rehab programme, our graduates return to work with good health and enthusiasm, supported by the Jullo sobriety-based lifestyle. All graduates have access to our relapse prevention programmes and those who have completed the full 28 day programme will be offered rehabilitation reinforcement as a complementary service, following their discharge. In addition we also capacitate your personnel involved in Employee Assistance Programmes and Employee Health and Welfare programmes.

how jullo helps workers

Addiction can be treated. However, we understand that getting help can be daunting when you are concerned about being prejudiced by your employer or your employment security. Our country's labour laws recognise addiction as a disease and not a crime. Although situations may differ, employees are entitled to help. Jullo understands the need for confidentiality and we can help you with employer-related issues like negotiating leave to attend rehab and job-related stress. Don’t let fear prevent you from leading a healthy, happy life. We can assist you


Jullo accepts private patients and those with medical aid. Rehab falls under your medical scheme's Prescribed Minimum Benefits and is available once a year - even when your benefits are exhausted. Call us to organise your pre-authorisation. Remember to ask about our day rate for private patients. At Jullo all you should worry about is getting better. It pays to confide in us.

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