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The Jullo Rehab Centre, widely acclaimed for its groundbreaking techniques in the fight against addiction, celebrates its 23 rd anniversary this year. Under the guidance of internationally trained addictionologist Dr Lochan Naidoo and his wife Julie, a psychiatric nurse, Jullo boasts an exceptional management team working together to achieve the best possible outcomes. The Centre is based in the close-knit community of Merebank where it is easily accessible to anyone in Durban and surrounding areas. However, patients travel from far afield to find healing and strength in Jullo’s strong, family-oriented environment. Programmes are customised for each patient and range from a three day detox to a full 28 day stay. Apart from daily private consultations with Dr Naidoo they are also under 24 hour medical supervision. Sessions with the Jullo in-house social worker, an occupational therapist and a psychologist form part of each integrated treatment plan. As Dr Naidoo explains it is a South African program for South Africans coping with the unique South African landscape. “We partner with you to help patients and families to develop insight and workable plans to raise resilient families”. To date this centre of excellence in the field of drug and alcohol rehabilitation has already assisted 10 000 patients and families. It offers a refuge for those battling addiction, while select internet access, a games room, movies, gym, a smoking area and a library are just some of the perks on offer. With separate quarters for men and women and a holistic programme which focuses on every aspect of the individual, Jullo is the foremost name in rehabilitation in South Africa. Packages are available for both medical aid and private patients. For more information go to our website:www.jullo.co.za or call us on …