Specialist Substance Abuse Rehab Centre

A Typical Day At Jullo Centre For Advanced Addiction Recovery

A typical day at Jullo Centre for Advanced Addiction Recovery begins with the morning patient parliament, where patients and staff engage in open dialogue to set the tone for the day. This collaborative session promotes transparency and community support. Following this, patients participate in self-care groups, focusing on personal well-being and coping strategies before breaking for a nutritious breakfast. The morning continues with daily plenary sessions, offering psycho-education and motivation enhancement therapy that provide insights into addiction and high quality recovery strategies. These sessions are designed to inspire and inform, laying a strong foundation for relapse prevention , recovery skills and personal growth. In the afternoons, patients attend group therapy sessions, where they share experiences, discuss challenges, and support one another in a structured environment.

Throughout the day and night, the clinical teams at Jullo Centre provide 24-hour monitoring, ensuring a safe and supportive atmosphere conducive to recovery. This comprehensive approach ensures that each patient receives the care and attention they need at all times.